Into Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort

We took advantage of the long weekend to experience one of the resorts here in Negros. There are a lot of places here in this island that is definitely worth seeing.

We jumped in to the waters of Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort. It is an island, in the middle of the blue waters. The Resort is a two hour drive from Bacolod. From Victorias, it took us about an hour and a half. Jomabo is located in Escalante Negros, specifically in Old Escalante. Going there is pretty much easy with the road signs if you are bringing a private vehicle. Once you get to Escalante, just drive to Port Barcelona where there are motor boats that will transport you to the island paradise. The boat ride takes about 20-25 minutes.

If you are looking for a quiet place to rest and unwind, with beautiful waters and white sand, then you’ll love this place. The rates are affordable and the resort offers a variety of accommodation packages for your needs depending on the number of guests. They also have a shuttle service that would fetch you back and forth from Bacolod and anywhere near like Victorias. For a group of 6-8 persons and for a non-air conditioned accommodation, you can have a budget of Php5,000-5,300, you can also use some negotiations when you inquire. This would already include the accommodation, entrance and the motor boat ride. The shuttle van that will fetch you would cost you Php4,000. This is definitely worth it especially if you are a large group. Of course you can try public transportation, but taking the van provided is a very good choice already since you wouldn’t have anymore problem, you just sit around and enjoy the ride. There is also a hotel/airconditioned accommodation for those who have the budget.

Since this is an island, the electricity here is only provided at night, being run only in generator power. You also have to bring your own water for drinking since they use rain water here. You can bring your own food, and it is advised, although the resort has a resto bar, but it would be more economical to bring your own food. No corkage is charged here. If you would try the resto bar, they require you to pre-order your menu so that they can prepare in advance.

Activities you could do here would include kayaking, snorkling and of course swimming. There is also a tennis court, billiards and videoke. But the tennis court is not available at the time of our visit so we were not able to practice our Nadal and Federer moves. You can do singing while under the trees or try the hammock. There is also a grilling station. You wouldn’t experience any problems if you need something since the staffs here are very accommodating and are available in their station anytime of the day.

This is a very good place to unwind and destress. One would appreciate the nature and clear waters. When it is low tide, you’d like walking along that part of the beach with white sand which is normally covered with water when it is high tide. Try on catching those shell creatures and starfish, it’s quite exciting. Take some pictures in the amazing scene of white sand, blue clear waters and the perfect cloud formations in your background. Take some pictures while gazing at the sunset or the sunrise. We definitely made full use of our digicams here.

When it is high tide, well, the accommodation for groups are basically in the water, so you just jump outright and dive in the cool waters!

Right now, the resort is for further development and there are constructions going on. But you are still sure to love the island resort.

We had a great time in Jomabo. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. The people there are very accommodating and would assist you in case you need something.

Try to visit the island resort at If this doesn’t work, you can try their contact numbers here.

Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort, “One Island, One Resort.”


~ by licruz on August 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “Into Jomabo Island Paradise Beach Resort”

  1. Hi, I like your blogs about Negros. Can I have them reprinted in our newspaper? The News Today circulates in Iloilo, Negros, Capiz and Antique. We also have a website.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Yeah, thanks Kathy! We had a great time in Negros.

    More power on your paper!


  3. […] of Jomabo Beach Resort. White sand, blue water, quiet place to relax and very accommodating staff. TV series – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaParadise TV series From Wikipedia, the free […]

  4. Went to Jomabo last week!!! fun fun fun!!! We had the island all to ourselves, which would have been perfect if we catched the high tide. 🙂 But it was still a great trip. You’re right, the staff is friendly and accommodating.

  5. Hi joselle! Yeah it’s really a nice place.

    Good for you, you had the whole island to yourselves! 🙂

    I won’t forget the people there. Really very nice and warm.

    Hope to hear more from your adventures.


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