Welcome to Doha!!!

Whew… finally got a laptop from Ernst and Young Doha Office.

Yep, I’m officially a part of the EY accounting practice now. Everything is new, the place, the system and the people.

Doha is a small place, but i’m still having a hard time trying to familiarize myself. It seems every street and building looks the same. Well if you’re new here, you better get used to encountering several roundabouts once in a while.


~ by licruz on October 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Welcome to Doha!!!”

  1. pangit yan, mas maganda pa rin AS/2. hehehehe

  2. Quite a short one.. 😦 is the article really finish? it’s like undone yet.. expecting more enthusiastic artlicles, Sir! =)

  3. mukha ngang mas ok ang AS/2 sir deuts… hehe meron na yata silang AS/3 jan sa ofc ah.

  4. Hi there! Dropping by. Glad you’re now blogging, too. Regards to Dex and Jimly. =)

  5. Hey! =) nice to hear from you witsandnuts 🙂 sure, i’ll tell them. I didn’t know you’re in UAE ^_^

  6. wow! blogger ka na din..atleast nadagdagan na ng blogger sa batch..hehe 🙂

    ingat kayo nina jim and dex dyan ah! miss ko na kayo!

  7. @ rhea, hi! thanks for dropping by dude. Oks lng kame dito. Regards sau jan! 🙂

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