What to miss in Bacolod this October

This year i won’t be able to catch the yearly spectacle in Bacolod. Probably last year was my last time to watch the famed Masskara Festival.

It’s a very festive mood when you are out there. So many participants dancing their way in the streets and all of them have unique and colorful costumes, with their masks of course.

Masskara literally means a mask, but if you break it to “mass” which means many and “kara” which means face, then you get many faces… and yeah there are various faces of masskara dancers out there.

Be sure to have your cameras handy in case you are planning to see this annual spectacle.

Check out more of this here.

See this photo i took during the previous year’s edition of the festival:


~ by licruz on October 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “What to miss in Bacolod this October”

  1. bakit? taga bacolod ka ba?

  2. hehe hindi boss.. ngbabaksyon este client pala dun pag October 😀

    That was before… now puro construction na nakikita ko..

  3. taray tlga ni boss jori..hahaha

  4. no comment… hehehe

  5. @ marky, tangek! nakita mong taga iloilo ako, malapit lng un dun sa bacolod. hehe

  6. hahaha..no comment daw!!! ako may comment…hahaha

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