First month

One month in Doha and counting…

One week spent on nothing basically just a get to know the place period; two weeks on two clients; one week on training and basketball game every weekend. 🙂

Still planning on grabbing a good cam to take pictures of this place. Comments are most welcome. 🙂

My buddies in EY are also thinking of getting cams of their own. Well, maybe it’s a good past time considering the simplicity of this place.

Enough of this, just wanted to post a photo. (lol)

Here’s a look on former Deloitte now EY hunks..


~ by licruz on November 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “First month”

  1. Ayos ah!

  2. may ganyan din kmi nila Jori!!! hehehe..ayus…

  3. good camera? 5dmarkii!!!! hahahaha… dslrs are a good choice i think..and a bit cheap to..or get the canon 1000d…or 450d…salaam na yan..hahaha

  4. wow taray!!! ang pogi nyo! lol 🙂

  5. @ marky, hehehehe i’d take it from the expert 🙂 (teka sino ba mas expert sa inyo ni deuts? 😀 hehe)

    mukhang mahal… i’d think about it.. seriously.. ^_^

  6. Naks! EY Hunks! Nakakatuwang tingnan pix nyo. Regards kina Dexter and Jimly. =)

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