Dubai Dubai

This guy fortunately got this chance to visit Dubai for one week. Not really for a vacation but for a client assignment. Nevertheless, I also got to visit some places there and enjoy the sights.

We stayed at the Regent Palace Hotel, just opposite the Burjuman Center, where we have our client. (good for me, just a ten minute walk! 🙂 )

One of those nights we tried to dine in the boardwalk ,something like that, where you have a good view by the bay. Pretty much reminds me of the Manila bay? (homesick? 🙂 lol!) But then, rain poured. It was just one of those days. But i was still happy because i really thought it would take me quite some time to again experience rain here in the Middle East! We just took some nice photos of the place and proceeded to the Jumeirah Towers where we had our sumptous dinner.

It was a great experience. Dubai is more of a modern thing compared to Qatar, which is really quite a simple place to live in. Well, that is for now, who knows, probably five, ten or more years, what’s in store for Qatar. However, by that time, i also can’t imagine how much Dubai has grown.

Looking forward to again visiting Dubai, and probably experience the shopping festival there. But now, this guy’s gonna relax and enjoy the Eid holidays.

Happy holidays everyone. 🙂

twin towers


~ by licruz on December 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dubai Dubai”

  1. Mga puge…hehehe

  2. habulin ung katabi ko jan… hehehe, matinik! 🙂 meh isa pang matinik papuntang dubai, or abu dhabi ba un.. (marky pasalubong!) 🙂

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