Pacman impressive

The mega fight took place. And it ended in a very convincing manner. The victor? the young blood, the relentless Manny Pacquiao, pride of the Philippines.

We got to watch the fight via pay per view here in our flat in Doha. We had to wake up early like around 7 a.m. to witness this classic fight. Of course almost all of us are Pacquiao fans thanks to this one guy who is a De La Hoya fan, so there was this spice in our discussions as we watch the fight. (hehe)

What we just thought was the advantage of the Golden Boy is his reach advantage, lika a ruler long! So that means the smaller Pac Man would be having difficulty in going in and hitting. But as the fight started, from round 1, there we saw that the fight is going to be a great one for the Philippine Pride.

It was a great showing of speed and boxing skills. Pacquaio hit dela Hoya.. then again and again.. by the seventh and eighth round, de la Hoya”s left eye was beginning to shut down. There was even a time in those rounds when the Golden Boy was caught in the ropes and was nearing to go down.

By the end of the eighth round, the Golden Boy has had enough, at the start of the bell for the ninth round, Oscar dela Hoya didn’t want to continue to fight. It ended in a technical knock out. And there was jubilation for the entire Philippines.

It is indeed a fight for the books. And the fact that Pacman is a Filipino makes us very proud.

What’s next for Pacman? I’m sure most will agree that a fight with the British Ricky Hatton is a very good pick.. another challenge for the pound for pound king.

This time age would not be that a factor, weight probably not that much and the reach might be almost identical. They have practically the same boxing style. So it would definitely be a fight to watch.


~ by licruz on December 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pacman impressive”

  1. Very impressive win for Pacman. De La Hoya simply had no answer for his speed and quickness.

    oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our disagreements at:

    I’d really appreciate it.

  2. wah!!!have yet to watch this

  3. @ marky, hehe, been missing a lot… tsktsk! 🙂 try to grab a copy when you go to dubai, baka meh dvd copy dun hehehe. ^_^

  4. Leo, Thanku sa pinadala mo sa akin sinama ko na pati IT at maj.Touch naman ako sayo hehehehe.Jimly ha nde ako naalala hehehehe.Merry xmas in advance!

  5. Merry Christmas ate menchie. Regards to all. 🙂

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